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Lab tests, long-term treatments and some medications can be expensive. In general, the vets that can handle a hamster are called “exotic vets”, and will be able to help you. Hear me out here. So, to prevent extra stress, do NOT handle your hamster or her babies for about a week. As for which kind of bedding is okay, your safest bet is aspen. It’s also a good idea to scatter some food around the cage so that they can pick it up and eat it, as well as being fed by their. It might be too risky for the hamster to run in a running wheel designed at home, since it might come apart in a way you didn’t anticipate. Hamster mothers will do their best to raise and wean every one of their young, but they can scare very easily and end up eating their babies. Finding and holding onto a good vet is no joke. Hamsters are very sensitive creatures, and can be stressed easily. Scruffing the hammy will work here as well. Here's the reason hamsters eat their babies. But, as a hamster owner, there are things that you can do to stop the hamster’s mom eating behavior. That is because wet tail is a type of diarrhea, brought on by bacteria inside the hamster’s gut. 5 Reasons Why a Hamster Would Eat its Babies and how to prevent it. There is no mating seasons for hamsters, as there is with other animals. Keep her warm and well fed, and make sure she has plenty of quiet and small children or other pets can’t reach her. Funny (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. You can check it out on Amazon here and see the price as well. Mice are only a slight bit smarter in this area. But no, that was just Teddy being a bright, curious, ball of energy. You could leave her pieces of chicken every evening until she gives birth if you want, but it’s best to not give her something that will leave a tasty smell on the bedding right before she gives birth. Truth is, hamsters are indeed friendly, but in short bursts. This is because the cheeks themselves stay in place along the hamster’s shoulders, and are very elastic. Normally you’d have two options, to treat it at home, or take the hammy to a vet. However when it comes to hamsters, their farts are so… small, I’d say, that I think you’d have a hard time registering it. But they need to be unsalted peanuts. Table of Contents How the hamster’s cheek pouches workHammies store food and nesting material in their cheeksThe cheeks are emptied when the hamsters reach their nestWhy hamsters have cheek pouches at allCommon problems with hamster cheek pouchesImpacted cheek pouchAbscess in the pouchTumorsEverted (inside-out) cheek pouchesHow to make sure your hamster’s cheeks are safe and healthyA word from Teddy Make sure your hamster stays healthy Climb everything. For older hammies, the chances are lower than for babies, This is because their immune system is already breaking down, as opposed to forming (like in babies). Bob More than twice a week is too much. You can check the listing on Amazon right here, and read the reviews as well. Sometimes the best toys are the ones you can make from toilet rolls and a bit of creativity. Scientific research has concluded that this behavior could be caused by various reasons: If you share your home with a pregnant hamster, you should know that it is not always possible to prevent it from eating one of its young after birth. sunflower seeds Which, on its own does not smell, but it’s always combined with carbon dioxide and sulphur. She will reject or even eat them, so it’s best to wait a few more weeks. Ripley Unless you want to raise the litter on your own, since they are just a few days old. The first day we brought him home, he had one of those every small, square cages that you get at the pet shop. (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. They’re harder to tame than cats and dogs, and can forget their owners after a while if left unchecked. Like they might be sick or have something wrong with their body, that only she can tell. They simply don’t sit still, and don’t really like being handled. Baby hamsters are hairless and blind, and you may be tempted to reach in and pet or hold them. And you’ll be able to see him crawl through the bedding and find the exit. Even when he sleeps, your hamster is still a funny little thing. Or, maybe you can’t afford a vet at the moment. If they start to smell like you, the mother will reject and eat them. So, a peanut is safe. A hamster exposed to very cold temperatures will enter a state that can be confused with hibernation. So let’s get into every reason the mother can eat her young, and how you can avoid this from happening, and/or possibly save the babies. Chances of survival Assign a name for each hole. Handling your hammy too much might tire him out faster than you’d like, and faster than would be alright for him. Tumors Think about when you sleep. Hamsters can eat cheese and a couple of other dairy products, but with much more caution than us. For a list of safe foods you can give your hammy, check out this food list article. Sometimes even after the hamster’s tamed he still won’t be the friendliest or cuddliest furball. All 3 will try to jump off of ledges or out of your hands if they’ve had enough, but mice and hamsters are just plain terrible at this. You can find it here on Amazon to check it out for yourself, and check the price. Hamsters can start to eat solids at 10 days old, Ramsey says. Cut a few holes in it, as exit holes. Not necessarily to pick him up often (some hamsters do not like that at all) but to talk to him and feed him a couple of treats. Place toilet paper somewhere in the cage so the mother can build a nest. The phenomenon of animal cannibalism, especially in the case of mothers and offspring, has been subject to numerous scientific studies due to the concerns and discomfort that it arises in humans, for whom cannibalism is deeply taboo. Jasper So why do hamsters eat their babies ? Scaramouche Oscar (If you like this article so far, you can pin it to your Pinterest board by clicking the image below. Puzzle toys can be something like a maze made out of an egg carton with holes cut in one end, and a treat at the other end. 1. Which, in itself can extract more nutrients, and also produce them – like some certain vitamins. Maybe a couple of hours in the evening before bed, and in the morning when you’re rushing to get somewhere. Hamsters need to constantly chew in order to keep their teeth at a healthy length. Sometimes bits of food or nesting material get stuck, for various reasons. Continuously bad temper – if he never bit before, he will bite now and he’s very irritated Boomer But, you can save the babies 90% of the time by not putting the mother in a position where she thinks she needs to eat them. Yes they do. One of the best home-made toys for your hamster to gnaw on is…. If you don’t want any more litters, keep the male and female separate at all times. You can change his sleeping pattern, but you’re mistreating him and causing much discomfort. Hamsters are very sensitive creatures, and as such your hands need to be clean before handling them. In the community of hamsters, if there is a shortage of food and water, mother hamsters will start sacrificing her brood. That’s just the way mice are. Well, hamsters have cheek pouches for 2 major reasons: to hoard food, and to be able to run away if they have to. Add a few fresh pieces of paper towel, and your hammy will add them to his bedroom. Tap to play or pause GIF Here’s the real question though: Basically anything that would show you that the hamster’s mobility is impacted. A rat is a very opportunistic animal, and a smart one at that. The usual life of a hamster in the wild can be pretty … wild. Provide additional bread soaked in milk in a small food bowl as this will provided extra proteins both for the mother and baby hamsters. Hello, I’m dragos the main author for this site. Your hamster can climb on it, and chew on it as well, since it’s made of wood. I hope you found what you were looking for here. They’ve often been compared to dogs in terms of affection and comprehension of human intent. The bottom of your hamster’s cage/glass tank must be filled with a lot of bedding. They’re highly social animals, and they like playtime. This includes feeding the mother as well, feed her through the bars with a teaspoon or sprinkle some dry food onto her bowl. You brought your hamster home, but now he needs a name. Xena Hamsters are meant to be dry, clean animals, and any discharge is a sign of severe infection. Common problems with hamster cheek pouches Actually, you can get a better idea of what to feed your hammy here, with a list of safe and unsafe foods to feed your hamster. When it comes to food, rats will eat almost anything. Climbing toys for your hamster Vandal The vast majority of running wheels that you get when purchasing your hamster cage are horrible. That being said, wet tail can develop in adult, healthy Syrian hamsters, if certain conditions are met. It depends on your budget and disposition which kind you want for your hamster. But I will give my two cents here. As such, I would only recommend them to people who have the time and patience to work with them. Meaning he will need a round of antibiotics for his treatment, and plenty of rest. Providing Quality Mother’s Milk Increase mom’s protein intake. However if the hamster is injured or sick, you will need to take him to a vet. Cotton Once you notice the mother is approaching her due date (18-22 days after mating), start giving her much more food than usual, and bedding and nesting material as well. Kind of. Your hammy has a high chance of making a mess out of the tiny dollop, so make sure you give him a very small amount. Still, the whole bag will last you a couple of months or more, depending on what kind of hamster you have. So hamsters have to make do with dry grains, a few seeds, a stray veggie here and there. You can do this several ways. Even if they might sound like silly questions at first, if you need to know he needs to tell you the answer. Annabelle Also, I have touched the babies a little bit. The offspring was born with an abnormality and the mother wants to ensure that only the strongest hamster pups survive. A hamster is very small, can be as small as 2 inches/5 cm, and as large as 5 inches/13 cm. If you want a more detailed and coherent list of safe and unsafe foods for your hamster – check out this article right here. Coco By the time they are two weeks old their eyes are open and they have a thick coat of fur. Imagine a hammy running in slo-mo through the dessert, at night, chased by an owl. Wet tail is mostly brought on by severe stress, which triggers unwanted changes in the hamster’s intestinal flora. Adam Be very careful when handling your hamster, and never let a child or pet interact unsupervised. So their toys need to be safe. The thing about peanut butter is that it’s sticky, and requires lots of cleanup. Safe nuts and seeds for your hamster Olla Guillermo Del Hamstero As such, they release methane gas. If you want to know more about us hammies, and how to care for us better, then check the articles below for more details.... What Is Wet Tail, And How To Save Your Hamster’s Life. Even if you do manage to hold onto one, he’ll almost immediately want to go exploring. Boy If your tap water isn’t safe for you, it’s not safe for him either. Baby hamsters. Mother hamsters wean their babies at about 3-4 weeks of age and the babies should be separated from the mother shortly after that. If you want, you can make the frills longer and twist them together, making it more complicated to open. He will need very small amounts of food, only what he can lick off the very tip of a teaspoon. Eve He doesn’t do well with change. They can be rather aloof and disinterested most of the time, unless you’ve got a treat in your hands. Goldie When hamsters are about a week old, their teeth emerge from their gums and their hair become visible. If you’re not very decided, you can let the hamster pick out his own name. Danzig Hamsters will chew on everything, even just to try them out, and soft plastic is not good for them. Some of them can recognize their owner in some cases, but that’s it. To find out more about exercise wheels for your hamsters and how to use them right, you can read here. Teddy: Us hamsters are very active, and we need something to keep us busy most of the time ! Rhubarb Yes, plain, unsweetened peanut butter is safe for hamsters to eat. Your vet will be able to put the pouch back in its place, and make sure it stays in place afterwards. You can check the set on Amazon here, along with the price. Make sure his cage is safe, and he has nothing to cut himself on, like  sharp pieces or dried paint, or bits of plastic pecans The lactose content in milk is the highest (compared to cheese or yogurt), and that can trigger a bout of diarrhea too. A large litter can be very stressful for the mother, so she may decide to get rid of 2 or 3 pups to be able to care for the rest. No, hamsters don’t really recognize their name. Fig That’s a lot of running around. The water your hamster drink must be safe and clean. When is your hamster sleeping ? This may confuse the mother, causing her to not recognize the babies as her own, or she may suddenly consider them defective. You can check the Amazon pricing for it here. They’re able to learn tricks and they get bored easily if not given enough stimulation. For example a dollop of peanut butter the size of a pea is more than enough for your hammy, whether he’s a Dwarf or Syrian. He won’t mind, or notice at all. And you’ll often find it in his food mix as well. You’ll find the veggies, fruits, meat, dairy, breads, and nuts he can safely eat. Hamsters can’t burp, though Climbing everything, the cage walls, the furniture, your arm, the dog maybe. Eggy Kirby Lizzie If you touch the babies, you will leave their scent in them. Kirk Hamsters are just full of energy. That means you’ve got an equal chance at a docile, hazy hamster as well as a snappy, irritable one. She will have a stash of food anyway, but right now would be a good time to give her more. Table of Contents So what is wet tail ?Is your hammy at risk ?Symptoms of wet tail in hamstersHow to treat wet tailTaking your hamster to the vetCaring for a wet-tail sick hammy at homeChances of survivalHow hamsters develop wet tail in the first placeStress in hamstersDirty hamster cageOther medicationsMake sure your hamster stays healthyKeep your hamster away from stressful environmentsKeep the hammy at a comfortable temperatureAlways clean your hands before handling the hammyDo not feed the hamster overly watery foodsMake sure the water you give your hamster is safeA word from Teddy Of course he won’t be able to piece together anything you’re saying, but he will understand that you’re interacting with him. When a hamster becomes scared and thinks her and her babies may be in danger which can result in them killing and eating their young. The dry food will settle your hamster’s insides a bit more. Do not stress the mother; Leave food/protein for the mother before she gives birth; Give the mother plenty of space, in a large cage; Do not disturb the mother or cage for at least 2 weeks after giving birth In either case, she may reject them and kill them. Gwen But, it should be a fairly private place where there’s not much traffic, and your hamster can sleep undisturbed. Or, they can make it easier for some problems to appear. As such, it should be quiet, it should stay in its place, and made of something your hamster won’t hurt itself on. This is per hamster, per day. Home-made puzzles That’s 61 x 30.5 cm, and about 30.5 cm tall. You can make sure your hamster survives by not getting wet tail in the first place. This will make him even harder to handle or tame, which is completely against what you’re trying. And that trust can always be lost, or forgotten if you stop interacting with him for a few days. Disco If you notice that your hamster has give birth overnight, bring her some protein. Do not introduce lots of new people to your hamster at the same time. I’m not sure if it’s painful for the hamster, although I guess it would be. But in your home he is much safer and it can get a bit boring at times. Again, most of the home-made puzzles will be made of toilet rolls. If you touch the babies, you leave your scent on them. The presence of a male hamster in the cage can also cause stress for the mother, leading her to eat some of the pups. You can find out more about hamster wheels here. Diseases can still come into your home and reach your hamster – like the common cold for example. This is my guide to the best hamster toys ever, and a few tips on making your own. He’a a healthy, normal hamster, doing healthy, normal hamster things. If you want to know more about us hamsters you should check out the related articles below. He’s a Syrian male, and a fairly tough and energetic one at that. Turns out hamsters can eat lots of things us humans can eat. They can get along with each other, but it’s a lot like with Dwarf hamsters. Sasha Wet tail can be fairly hard to survive for hamsters. The width of the tube must be at least 2.5 inch/7 cm so your hamster can easily fit through it. Wololo If at all possible, try looking for a veterinarian who lives as close to you as possible. They have to make sure that their mother and the babies have everything they need to survive. Keep the room your sick hamster’s in very quiet and stress free. How to treat wet tail This is for one lone Syrian hamster, or two Dwarf types. Hamsters sleep with their eyes closed, and they might crack one open if they hear something or feel the cage move. In time we replaced that one too. If you’ve got a hamster, and you think he’s got wet tail, I can help. If it requires a bit of acrobatics skill, it’s a rat or mouse toys, not a hamster toy. A bored rat is never good news. They have to make sure that their mother and the babies have everything they need to survive. In short, hamsters have to travel far and wide in order to find enough food. If you got here then you probably googled whether hamsters fart or not. A running wheel is one of the most basic things you need for your hammy. So it’s important that you as an owner are careful to identify if your hamster has a problem. But it can’t get all of the nutrients out, in one go. Wiggy Like we’ve never woken up to grab something from the fridge, on our way to the bathroom. You should also remove wheels and toys to prevent injury to the babies. By this I mean an overly curious cat, child, or even adult prodding at him, tapping the cage and trying to interact with the hamster when he’s not up for it. How to Stop a Hamster From Eating Her Babies Plan the Breeding Cycle. But the water content in the fruit or veg is not up to him, and he can be overly hydrated. So if your hammy suddenly wakes up to much on a peanut,goes for a pee, and stops on his way to grab a drink, that’s okay. Randall Baby Hamsters: Week Two. The Funny Truth About Spider-Hamsters. Remember that not all hamsters are alike. Give the mother slightly extra food than usual. Taking your hamster to the vet If you want a veterinarian’s opinion on the matter, you should check out this article. It’s best to stay away from any flavored dog biscuits, and just get plain ones. Whatever instructions your veterinarian gives you, be sure to follow them completely. Unfortunately, not everybody does this. How to Prevent Your Hamster From Eating Her Babies? You do a whole lot of moving in your sleep as well, so don’t be surprised if your hamster is not very different. If you tilt a male a bit back while you told him, you might even notice his testicles around his tail. If he’s anything like my Teddy, he’ll shove food mix in his cheeks til they nearly burst, then go and hide it all away in his hideout. This can be checked by handling your hamster, and you’ll notice through his very soft fur if there is anything hard or lumpy under the fur. It’s safe for them. In this guide I’ll show you the best hamster toys I’ve found online (which can be bought), and also give you a few ideas of how to make your own hamster toys at home, as a DYI project. Bears do it too, and they're kinda like big, deadly hamsters. Even if he’s not sleeping, your hammy doesn’t take well to stress. The absolute minimum for a hamster cage is 24 x 12 inches, and about 12 inches tall. Just remember that seeds and nuts should not be given daily or very often. Do not place the hamster in direct sunlight, instead keep him in a shielded, darker corner. Respect Its Place. All animals can eat or kill their young, if they consider something is wrong with them. Hamsters can breed basically every month. It’s not something hamsters do, unlike bunnies. Your hammy took the time and effort to decorate his bedroom just the way he likes it. I know lots of hamsters make cute sounds, and I’ve heard of and read about other hammies squeaking in their sleep. Bear Grylls However there are a few specific hamsters out there that are most susceptible. But we do fart sometimes. Animals, with the exception of humans, are not endowed with reason; therefore, they only behave instinctively. This is mostly because they need lots of stimulation, and sometimes being kept in their cage isn’t enough. How many Puppies can a Yorkshire Terrier Have? A mother's relation to her children is dictated largely -- almost exclusively -- by scent. ♥️ ♥️ Hamsters are known to be cute pets that spend their … You can look at him through both sides since 2 are transparent. But, a rat is a smart animal, and he will be very entertaining. The little evidence I could find that hamsters can pass gas It really depends on where you live, the vet himself, the treatment the hamster needs, for how long, and so on. What about your domestic, cuddly friend ? Origin. Everted (inside-out) cheek pouches The mother hamster doesn't always eat its young after birth, although you should be aware that this phenomenon is common. But first… Table of Contents Do hamsters know their name ?List of hamster names, for female hamsters:List of hamster names, for male hamsters:Talking and interacting with your hamsterLetting your hamster pick his own nameA word from Teddy The best kind of wood for your hamster to chew on is also the one he has the bedding usually made of. The mother and pups must be in a completely quiet environment; don't spend too much time near the. Neither do you, neither do I, for that matter. Hamsters are mostly nocturnal, so a rowdy house during the day will be incredibly stressful for the hamster. That’s about as much as you or I need, and we’re much larger than a fistful of fur. He might run around for a couple of minutes though, since the food can stay there for a few hours if it has to. The mother should always have generous amounts of food available. This is a disease that can affect any hamster of any age, although some are more prone to it. It sounds like a horror story, a mother hamster eating her babies. So don’t skimp out on the running wheel for that matter. We’re sensitive too, but we usually don’t get sick. Do not feed the hamster overly watery foods They are very sensitive, and the stress of weaning, and being handled to be separated into same sex groups, then transported to the pet shop, and then to your home, can be very stressful. Mostly because while most mammals can fart, burping is also a mechanism to release trapped gas. Pam (Pamela Hamsterson) Nora Even if the hamster looks okay now, but you find blood in his cage, you should take him to the vet. It’s also a good idea to scatter some food around the cage so that they can pick it up and eat it, as well as being fed by their. A whole lot. That’s alright, as long as he has other forms of stimulation, he will be fine. So do not open her cage, or change the bedding, try to put her in an exercise ball or separate her from her babies.

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