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241302 doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.241302. Ƶ~2Bn�)��m��/��\��[��Ӭ�)3�d����Nf5�_M�1|�S0No�����0�j�� aѦ��{L��NYhl��/�eV�#���VX9��m�>�~����j�T��C��60_��ա��y S11, on the other … No statistically significant signal could be found. observation campaigns on dwarf satellite galaxies of the Milky Way were spectral information of individual photon events from a sample of seven dwarf This is the longest exposure of any dSph galaxy by, The Segue 1 observations were analysed using the full, likelihood approach, an optimized analysis method that, takes complete advantage of the distinct features expected, in the gamma-ray spectrum of dark matter origin, achieving, better sensitivity with respect to the standard analysis of, ]. Furthermore, we estimate the sensitivity of Cherenkov Telescopes for monochromatic line signals. However, the effect of internal bremsstrahlung is negligible or small in more optimistic scenarios for detection like the funnel and focus point regions. Silk, Physics Report 405 (2005). It was discovered by Beth Willman, Julianne J. Dalcanton, David Martinez-Delgado, and Andrew A. The analysis of the data is performed using a dedicated likelihood approach, optimized for signals with characteristic spectral features. Several SEGUE-2 covers plate numbers 3000 to 3509; all spectra on these plates were measured with the SDSS-I/-II spectrograph. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, as well as for the planned installation of CTA, taking special care of describing the experimental features that affect the detectional prospects. Including the uncertainty in the dark matter distribution, robust upper limits are placed on dark matter annihilation cross sections. of high energy photons is enhanced by an order of magnitude in the stau coannihilation region, where the signal remains still at least three orders of magnitude below the sensitivity of the instruments. The particle physics, term is fixed for a chosen model and does not depend on, the observed source. Each survey has a number of different programs. would be a fascinating possibility, we caution that a much more dedicated Discovery. %�쏢 After correcting for the influence of binary stars using repeated velocity measurements, we determine a velocity dispersion of 3.7+1.4 – 1.1 km s–1. annihilation cross-section that we derive are stronger than what can be So replacing the "1" by a different number between 1 and 99 -- will generate a sample of the required percentage of objects. Cn. Regarding the decay into the final state channel-, s, the dark matter particle lifetime is found to be of order, er limits estimated from the Fornax galaxy observations, with H.E.S.S., but from one to two orders of magnitude less, constraining (depending on the channel) than the bounds, Search for monochromatic line is done assuming direct, annihilation into two photons, and one photon and, Although these processes are highly loop suppressed, poten-, tial detection of line-like feature would provide a firm proof, of the dark matter existence, and also reveal some infor-, mation regarding the nature of its particle. We propose a dedicated analysis approach for indirect Dark Matter searches with Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes. Optimized analysis method for indirect dark matter searches with Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes, Fermi LAT search for dark matter in gamma-ray lines and the inclusive photon spectrum, MAGIC Gamma-ray Telescope Observation of the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies: Implications for Cosmic Rays, Dark Matter, and NGC 1275, A Complete Spectroscopic Survey of the Milky Way Satellite Segue 1: The Darkest Galaxy, Gamma ray constraints on Decaying Dark Matter, Constraining Dark Matter Models from a Combined Analysis of MilkyWay Satellites with the Fermi Large Area Telescope, Fermi LAT Search for Internal Bremsstrahlung Signatures from Dark Matter

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