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    I went vegan 9 months ago. When I went vegan, I loss some weight, my digestion has accelerated, I felt light and good in my body. Now it is month or so and everything has returned to the state when I was carnivore. I am bloated after ANYTHING I eat, I have cramps in my belly, gas, I gained weight and my metabolism has slowed down. I don’t remember some changes in my diet that could cause this and I don’t have idea why is this happening. Could someone give me any advice?

    Please help.

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    I’d maybe try some probiotics and see if they do anything. You can get some from fermented food or a supplement.



    hate to say it but you shouldn’t dismiss an aversion to gluten. I would try going gluten free for a while and see if that helps.



    I had this same issue when I stopped eating processed food and only ate WFPD. Eating a Whole Foods plant based diet is great, but it’s very easy to not eat enough calories, so even if you’re eating very nutrient dense foods, if your body is not getting enough calories, it will still go into starvation mode. For me, my metabolism slowed down so much that my hormones stopped production and even though I was eating lots of fiber and veggies and drinking over 120 oz of water a day, I was massively bloated all day, everyday, and I was constantly constipated. I also gained body fat even though I was running and lifting almost everyday for 2 hours. My top tips that healed my gut (note that this was just what worked for me, I know every body is different): I ate only cooked veggies, as raw ones were too difficult to digest, lots of starches in the form of sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and potatoes; limited grains- mostly quick oats and sprouted grain bread, and a lot of lentils and tempeh (easier proteins to digest). I also started eating a lot more in general, which kind of helped push things through quicker and speed up my metabolism, and kept my fats high enough so I started eating more seeds and tahini and nut butters, so I was satiated and meeting my calorie needs. It took a few months of doing this to fix my digestion, and now it’s better than it has ever been, and I’ve been vegetarian for 18 years, vegan for 8. I’ve also lost the body fat and gained more muscle with less effort now that my digestion is on point!



    also Mic has a video on it, maybe worth a try



    Thanks so much for sharing your story! I recently went from a Vegetarian diet to full Vegan and at first I was feeling so good and trimmed up a bit and then I started gaining weight. Ugh! I have been searching for answers and looking for other peoples stories. Thanks for the tips! I’ll give it a try.

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