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    I have the same problem. Its.caused by too much soluble fiber in 2 consecutive meals. Berries and fruit have way too much soluble fiber which can cause constipation and breaks me out! You need a high insoluble fiber meals after the oatmeal with fruits. So like eating a salad with lettuce raw and cooked carrots, raw celery, cucumber with the skin, corn and other veggies. Have some cooked grains with it and some beans. This will.ensure that the fruits meal for breakfast passes through. Also drink more water. Like 100 ounces. If you get constipated you to flush it out with senna leaves tea. Try it. Go one day just eating salads with high insoluble fiber. No fruit forone day. Id avoid cruciferous vegetable for the experiment because sometimes those are digest.


    Magnesium can also help!



    I am having the same problem, although I’ve had problems with constipation since I was a baby. I also tried to stop drinking coffee when i decided to switch to veganism and switch to green tea. I have coffee on weekends sometimes and I’ve found it helps a lot. I also drink senna tea before going to bed and in the morning and it also helps.



    I’ve since been through scans and a colonoscopy and the surgeon just suggested getting a regular intake of Senna and taking electrolytes too….. I’ve been doing this and I must say I enjoy a cracking shit every day now.



    on the breakout issue. I can see you live somewhere cold. Is it a breakout or hives? I have cold urticaria and basically when i exercise in cold weather the build up of sweat under my clothes causes hives when my skin is cold. I take claritin and that sorts the problem out…. might be worth a try?



    I also have a high fiber diet and drink lots of water but still suffer with hard stools. I’m wondering if adding oil (i.e. olive oil, avocado oil) to meals helps with constipation. Anyone try this tactic?



    I went to see a specialist after my problem reigned for almost two years. There were no abnormalities found at all.
    The surgeon told me that it doesn’t matter how I make myself go to the toilet, as long as I go to the toilet so I take 1 senna tablet on the odd days of the month, 1 – 3 – 5 – 7th and so on and two senna tablets on the even days, 2 – 4 – 6 – 8th….

    Also I add a zero sugar zero calorie hydration tablet to my water, at least two tablets a day and almost instantly my problem was resolved. Senna and electrolytes work for me.


    This is gonna sound crazy and by no means am I a medical professional or career vegan (3 years to date)

    But I have this issue as well! I make sure to track and catalog my caloric/fiber/protein intake like the rest of us, and yet…..kaput.

    I did some reading up on this and found a few things…Due to the inevitable pesticides and chemicals found in foods (even organics) can cause interior inflammation within the rectum…swelling essentially.

    I have had IBS since childhood, and 90% of my symptoms have been relieved due to a vegan diet, but nevertheless I still have some symptoms. My main symptom is even though I can have bowel movements, they often are thin and ribbon like or narrow (not every BM), and then return to full size…logs…towards the end of the BM. The other main symptom is never feeling like I’m “empty” or “flushed out” but on very rare occasion.

    From my research, I’ve read about, over indulging in fiber can cause some inflammation/hemmorhoids internally which are minor, but cause some swelling.

    i.e. Tight Rectum.

    The treatments for these range from ibuprofen for swelling to surgery to laxatives you name it….BUT

    the best treatment that I personally use…and this is gonna sound crazy and strange and maybe uncomfortable…

    but the best best thing I’ve found to work is a very small anal-plug worn for about 1-2 hours a day. Usually in the evening when I’m finished with work and lower in stress. Using said plug for a few hours a day intially has “loosened” just enough of the muscle to be more relaxed when passing and with the addition of a low squatting stool and plenty of water….PHEWWEEE MAMA does it get that empty sensation.

    Merely a suggestion that might be unorthodox from what you may have heard or read. All I can do is speak from my experience, but sure does work for me. I have found after about a month of daily, you can drop back to 3 or so days of this “butt-balancing” treatment and perhaps even less.

    I feel your concern and pain and I wanted to reach out to let yah know my thoughts!



    I tried everything.
    So far I take sole Senna tablets if I get bunged up. I stopped drinking sugary drinks and I also use electrolyte tablets to keep myself hydrated.

    It’s worth pointing out that I am not a vegan.

    I only eat red meat once a week now and I tend to have more and more movements unaided.



    I bring the answer and the research supporting it. Cut back on/cut out the fiber. You are trying to move volume through a small hole the more fiber you eat the more things cling together the larger the volume to fit through the same small hole. Here is a research paper on people suffering from constipation with no known explanation 100% of participants had symptoms go away when they cut out fiber



    Elchico is correct. When thinking about fiber it’s important to keep in mind the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber.

    SOLUBLE FIBER is what gives your stool solidity and mass. (This is what you want more of if you have diarrhea/loose stools.) It’s found in foods like oats, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, barley, citrus fruits, apples and strawberries.

    INSOLUBLE FIBER is what moves things along. (This is what fiber-based laxatives use.) It’s found in foods like whole grain and whole wheat breads (the high fiber tortillas from La Banderita are a great example of this) along with some vegetables and wheat bran.

    Since the OP was not constipated but actually having difficult movements, I’m guessing they need more insoluble fiber in their diet.



    Hi guys! Have you all at any point had a go at trying cannabis for medicinal purposes? CBD is a currently a hot topic now. Research reveals medical marijuana can treat digestive disorders, including constipation. Constipation can also be caused by digestive disorders treated with medical marijuana. Furthermore, medical marijuana can substitute or reduce the dosage of certain medications causing constipation, such as opiates. This indicates medical marijuana may not only treat constipation itself, but some underlying causes, like this article in Not only that, it can help you in terms of pain management, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Luckily, they’ve also found new ways to infuse cannabis on food and beverages. I would like to hear any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks



    Hello There,

    Hope you are feeling better….

    I was wondering if you were able to figure out the reason for your constipation? I’ve been having similar issues, i am regular with bowel movements but when I poop it hurts no matter how much water fiber and fruit i have.

    Do let me know if you figured out what the issue was and if it was resolved and how? Also what is your gender? did you do any checks for hormones and SIBO related issues?


    Mango Eater

    Hi everyone,

    I just registered on this forum because I have the same issue. I went vegan at the start of December 2018, everything was going great, I had daily bowel movements and felt soooo good, I haven’t felt so light in a long time. However, since last Thursday, I have been constipated. I am eating high carb and low fat – I do not use oil and don’t like avocado, so pretty much the only fats I am consuming are the nuts and seeds that I have with my morning oatmeal. I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber rich foods, however, my bowel movements are not as frequent and I don’t feel lighter afterwards, I feel heavy, as if there is still a lot left.

    It is worth mentioning that I got a mechanical water filter last Thursday (the day I got constipated). Before that, i was buying bottled water, but I am a poor student and don’t have a car, so it was a drag going to the store almost everyday to buy water (not to mention expensive). So I decided to buy a water filter and drink tap water. Is it tap water that’s causing the issue? Should I go back to buying bottled water? Or is my low-fat and high-carb way of eating bad, and my bad habit is just catching up with me, since I have not been vegan that long?

    I would really appreciate if someone could answer this, I feel really terrible lately due to constipation, I find it really hard to focus on my studies.

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