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    Semi-retired 60 yr old granny, part-time student at the local CC, trying like heck to be healthy and eat clean plant based. It’s been an E-Ticket ride since January this year, with several derailments as I have almost no self-control. I have managed to lose 71 pounds, the trouble being I can’t keep it off. So it’s down 5 lbs, up 6, down 3, up 4 and so on. Feels like it would be easier to go pitch a tent in the desert and just take several crates of drinking water, having them dropped off so I won’t venture into a store and be tempted by potato chips and chocolate cheesecake. I have not found a social vegan group so I may have to start one, as I’m desparate for some clean-eating fellowship and encouragement. I’ll be better tomorrow. Thanks for letting me vent.

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