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The Beyerdynamic DT 880s have a semiopen design that combines the attributes of open and closed headphones. Beyer says this design results in low attenuation of ambient noise. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. The earpieces tend to keep moving up into the harp by themselves when put away. I recommend them all personally. Not sure what to watch on Amazon tonight? Thank you to beyerdynamic for giving us this opportunity. Here are some of the best Hulu has to offer. DT Edition 880 è il modello classico tra le cuffie premium di beyerdynamic. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact. They sound much better than Ultrasone Edition 8 and Sennheiser HD800. The DT 880's pointy 3.5mm plug pops right into a cased iPad 2. The DT 880s weigh 9.5 ounces and come with a single-sided 9.5-foot cable terminated with a gold-plated miniplug. The bass from the DT770 is a bit stronger, and less boomy, but the DT770's treble is unpleasantly peaky. Ken. The DT 880's soundstage is the same as most headphones. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 600 Ohm Hi-Fi- Headphone at FOr portable use, the long straight cord of the 32 Ω (or any of the) versions is a pain. The 32 Ω version isn't as sensitive as the Ultrasone Edition 8, but it's close. The Good The Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones are among the most comfortable on the market, and they come packaged in a gorgeous padded aluminum storage case. The actual impedance of the 600 Ω version is about 660 Ω, but more importantly, it's almost purely resistive. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 8.8 Open over-ear headphones, ideal for professional mixing, mastering and editing Perfect for studio applications thanks to their transparent, spacious, strong bass and treble sound The soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort Hard-wearing, durable and robust workmanship - Made in Germany Practical single-sided cable (3.0m … Semi-open design provides wonderful sense of space. La DT-880 EDITION è la versione "home" della DT-880 PRO, ora disponibile a scelta in tre impedenze diverse: 32, 250 e 600 Ohm. The DT-880 is really the only one that I find to excel at all genres from rap to classical and everything in between. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Review The Beyerdynamic DT 880 is a great investment for those who want an excellent sound signature for mastering and mixing. beyerdynamic DT 880 plug. The beyerdynamic DT 880 are a very well made, no-surprises traditional headphone. The DT 880 are less loud with less bass and have no isolation compared to Ultrasone Edition 8, but they sound much better, cleaner and more open for serious music listening. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones are ideally fit in with other items that were released by the famous brand. These places always have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. These are trivially easy to drive so long as you have enough voltage from any real headphone amp. beyerdynamic DT 880 (10.4 oz./296g without cord, about $170). Beyerdynamic provides a screw-on, gold-plated 1/4-inch plug for home use and throws in a 15-foot headphone-extension cable with 1/4-inch connectors. The DT 880s are dry and neutral, not warm unless something was recorded that way. No instructions and no warnings, thank goodness. Il modello DT Edition 880 attenua i rumori esterni ma non li esclude completamente, trasmettendo così un'armoniosa sensazione sonora. The Germans think of everything. The DT880s have no response peaks or valleys to call attention to themselves, so the slight and broad balance differences are quickly forgotten. 10.4 oz. Searching for a great show to binge? larger. Il suono giunge alle orecchie in modo neutro e trasparente, senza modificazioni, il che favorisce il mixaggio e i montaggi audio. In an idiotic attempt to make every CD sound as bad and loud as the next, most other music today is severely dynamically compressed and limited to be at 100% loudness all the time, so playback levels must be set much lower, eliminating musical peaks and dynamics, and half of the music with it. Its response is strong down to 30 Hz, and still audible at 14.5 Hz! The higher-impedance versions are suggested for use in more critical applications because they are less likely to increase measured distortion or frequency response variations from most equipment. While most won't be able to afford these, for those who can they're a real treat to have in any setup. Don't sweat it: get the 32 Ω version for an iPod or iPad, the 600 Ω version for use at home or studio, or the usual 250 Ω version if you want it to do everything. benchmark for studio sound The wide stereo image, neutral sound and the extremely high resolution make the beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO headphones a reliable benchmark-setter for studio use. (R&S UPL; +90º is capacitive, -90º is inductive. The headphones are also power hungry, so puny iPods and MP3 players won't supply enough juice to produce much volume. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything. Disclaimer: The beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO headphones were sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion in this review. The DT 880 Edition from Beyerdynamic is a completely circumaural headphone model that hits high notes all round. Gli amanti della musica apprezzeranno il suo suono naturale e vivace, nonché la sua rappresentazione spaziale. The 32 Ω version is the most sensitive, however with the lowest impedance, will be more likely to excite slightly more measured distortion. Note molded "600 Ω" marking. If you want natural, open and uncolored sound from a tough set of professional headphones, get a pair for yourself. The careful listener will prefer this DT 880 because it sounds right, while the boosts in the DT 990 and DT770 aren't exactly pretty. It is priced at $599. Comfortable fit. The overall spectral balance of the DT 880 has a little less bass and a little more midrange and lower treble than the reference Stax SR-007 MK2 Omega II, but the soundstage, depth, clarity and openness are about the same. Il modello DT Edition 880 attenua i rumori esterni ma non li esclude completamente, trasmettendo così un'armoniosa sensazione sonora. Formal power sensitivity is the same for all impedances. It is connected to a headphone output of my Presonus Central Station (excellent headphone outputs) This headset has a realistic sound stage and relatively airy (it is a semi-open) and a frequency distribution neutral on the whole spectrum at high frequencies EXCEPT: it is a bit flattering at this level, I find . The 32 Ω DT 880 is about 5-10dB more sensitive from a constant voltage (as are most amplifiers) than the 600 Ω version. While the DT 880 has a little thinner tonal balance than the Stax SR-007 MK2 Omega II (a $3,000 electrostatic headphone), the DT 880 sounds pretty darn close. You can use the 32Ω version with high-performance equipment; its sound is the same, and if you have a great headphone amplifier like the Benchmark DAC1 HDR, its performance won't be degraded by the lower impedance. They come in many different versions at different prices, and all sound the same. The pads ride around your ears, not touching them. THis DT 880 is much sturdier than Sennheiser HD800. With the DT880 you're almost at the performance, while with the Omegas, you are there. The DT 880s offer beautiful electrostatic sound, and they don't go Pop! The DT 880 Edition comes with its own artificial leather bag that’s reinforced with foam for extra protection, as well as a gold-plated adapter for mini to 6.3 mm connections. Only the Ultrasone Edition 8 do much of anything different. The treble boosts in the DT 990 and DT770 are peaky, and the bass of the DT 990 is somewhat boomy to the careful ear, with a broad peak around 60 Hz. WIth the DT 880, you'll hear everything right — and wrong — with your recordings. The sound is identical among the different versions except for how loud they go. I auditioned these with various amplifiers, and the sound didn't vary — just the maximum output, which of course will vary the perceived bass response. The Ultrasone Edition 8 sounds colored, especially in the treble, by comparison. when pressed to your head or demand a plug-in-the-wall bias source to drive them. The DT 880 are comfy and not stuffy when worn all day. Beware of the many expensive but wimpy headphone amplifiers with no more than 2 V RMS output, which isn't much more than the 1 V RMS output of an iPod. $199. Compared to the Ultrasone Edition 8, the DT 880 lacks bass for enjoying movies, but for music, these DT 880s have far cleaner and open sound. If so, at 1 volt, this would be 111 dB for the 32 Ω version, 102 dB for the 250 Ω version and 98 dB for the 600 Ω version. It's funny that the original 1988 beyerdynamic DT990 copied the appearance of the then state-of-the-art Stax Lambda, and these DT 880 today vaguely copy the appearance of today's state-of-the-art Stax Omega. It just comes with a flyer talking about beyerdynamic's history. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition is a phenomenal-sounding headphone, with a hilariously flat response accentuated by some airy treble and a brilliantly wide soundstage. Even after long hours of use, we were hardly aware we were wearing headphones. For one-tenth the price of the Omegas, these DT880s are 95% as good. The beyerdynamic DT 880 are a very well made, no-surprises traditional headphone. The DT880 is clean, clear and open like the Omegas, and doesn't feel that much different on the head. Home  Donate  New  Search  Gallery  Reviews  How-To  Books  Links  Workshops  About  Contact, beyerdynamic DT 880 The headphones use a standard miniplug connector but include a 1/4-inch adapter and a 15-foot extension cord. Svelte perforated-aluminum ear cups, velvety ear pads, and a thickly padded headband contribute to the stellar looks of the Beyerdynamic DT 880s. (290g), specified, without cord. I'd be happy with these as my only sound reproducer for the rest of my life. Tonal balance is excellent, from the fast, detailed treble to deep, attacking bass and a direct, textured midrange. The pillow-soft ear pads barely seemed to press against our ears. May 2018  beyerdynamic Reviews   Headphone Reviews  Audio Reviews   All Reviews, Newer, better and more expensive: beyerdynamioc Amiron Home. Thank you! The sporty version of Jabra's already wireless earphones have a few extras that put it... Those looking for a major AirPods upgrade, particularly to their sound and design, will... With a new button that links directly to Google Assistant on your phone, Bose's otherwise... Not sure what to watch tonight? ... Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium... Newegg. 10.2 oz. The DT 880's bass sounds thinner at first because it isn't boosted, but after listening for a while, one realizes that the DT 880 reproduces all the bass, especially the deepest bass at 30 Hz and below, while the bass boost bump of the DT 990 hides the lowest bass underneath it. Le Beyerdynamic DT 880 sono cuffie da studio che si posizionano in una fascia di mercato alta ed evoluta ad un prezzo giusto nonostante sia superiore a 250 euro. Personally, I bought the 600 Ω version and it works great even in my iPod, just not very loud, and of course is fantastic with my studio gear. These wimpy amps are the ones often powered by batteries and sold with exotic DACs at high prices for use with iPods, but read the specifications carefully to be sure that they have plenty of output. Pedals sound natural. The DT 880s did justice to the ravishing strings, and Newman's vocals and piano sounded wonderfully realistic. The higher impedance versions are suggested not because they perform any differently than the lower impedance versions, they are suggested because it's more likely that your other equipment will perform better with higher-impedance loads. Published on May 24, 2018 If you like headphones, you already know both about Beyerdynamic and more specifically about the DT 880 headphones. Zippered case with foam insert. The sound of the DT 880 doesn't change much as I put my hands up to their outsides. If you wish to make a printout for personal use, you are granted one-time permission only if you PayPal me $5.00 per printout or part thereof. All rights reserved. 1 mW is 179 mV at 32 Ω, 500 mV at 250 Ω and 775 mV at 600 Ω. Well-padded case included, claimed to be leather. Scopri le caratteristiche principali e vedi come Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro si piazza nella classifica cuffie. The DT 880's neutral spectral balance is from the professional monitoring market, and less like boosted home hi-fi headphones. The good news is that it works. The DT 880 are good critical listening headphones with a well-balanced and open sound. Comfort levels were among the best we've experienced. I own the 600 Ω version, and with popular music I usually have my iPod set at close to its maximum volume, and with classical music and movies, I almost always have my iPod set to maximum, and wish I had another 5 to 10 more dB of gain. Beyerdynamic DT-880 EDITION Premium Stereo Headphone. Likewise, as an open headphone, there is sound leakage so your neighbors will hear them, too. beyerdynamic DT-880 Edition 250 Ohms 141 Recensioni Hi-Fi HeadphonesEquipped with precise and balanced sound characteristics of the DT 990, DT-880 has semi-open design, combining the strengths of open and closed headphones. The earpads are semi-soft and covered with fuzzy velour. The beyerdynamic DT 880 are first-class open dynamic headphones, and sell at a bargain price. It's easy to hear the difference between condenser and ribbon mics on vocals. MADE IN GERMANY. However, most headphone amplifiers perform better with higher impedance headphones, and that is why beyerdynamic suggests them. I use it in monitoring & mixing. Beyerdynamic DT990 Premium review from the experts at What Hi-Fi? You’ll need an amp for these babies to get the most out of them, and that’s really not much of a surprise. Even those who simply want to enjoy listening to their favorite music can benefit from these headphones. I've compared the 32Ω and 600Ω versions directly to each other on my Apogee Duet 2, iPod Touch and Benchmark DAC1 HDR. 12.675 oz. - compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see DT990 Premium specs and features. Gli amanti della musica apprezzeranno il suo suono naturale e vivace, nonché la sua rappresentazione spaziale. Therefore, for portable devices, the more sensitive 32Ω version will play louder, and most portable equipment is designed to work well with low-impedance headphones. The DT 990 is the same thing, just with boosted bass and treble compared to the DT 880. Screw-in ¼" adapter included for use with real equipment. Headphones are to speakers as motorcycles are to automobiles. They have a durable build, and they're decently comfortable, but they're a … Superb audio performance. The Beyerdynamic DT 880s weren't shy about putting us in the middle of the climatic disturbances of the DVD The Day After Tomorrow. ), 32 Ω beyerdynamic DT 880 measured Impedance magnitude (Ω), and phase angle versus frequency. As this page is copyrighted and formally registered, it is unlawful to make copies, especially in the form of printouts for personal use. The DT 880 sounds awesome right out of the box without any break-in. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Thanks! The AKG K 601s ($300) provided a more spacious soundstage, but the DT 880s were no slouch in that department, and we imagine some buyers might prefer their more "close-up" sonic perspective.

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