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Trend shows increase in the intensity of extreme weather events. Located below the hurricane belt, Aruba boasts fantastic sunny days throughout the first half of October, and if you’re lucky, even longer than that. Now, October promises to bring another round of weather that must be watched, as a combination of large-scale atmospheric circulations overlap to enhance tropical weather … But at least it's not as wet as September. The monthly averages are based on historical weather records. In October sea water temperature all along the Caribbean Sea coast warms above 20°C/68°F and it is enough for a comfortable bathing. Barbados has around 200mm of rain across November, but with average highs of 29°C it’s still beautifully warm. The weather in the Caribbean is generally best – namely driest, with low humidity and pleasantly cool nights – December through to April. Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so visitors should pack light and cool clothing. Select a month from the list below to see the Caribbean weather for a particular month. The Caribbean hurricane season runs from June 1 through Nov. 30. Caribbean weather links and tropical weather information on tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes, covered in depth, and updated frequently. 77 mm. Find … average. Weather in Mexico in October View all deals. October is the rainiest month for the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Looking through guides is okay, but they dont really tell you exactly what the weather conditions are like. Humidity. 83 %. If it can consolidate a little more, it will be designated Tropical Depression 28. Current Observations Temperature Current Wind Conditions Current Sea State Analysis National Data Buoy Center Sea Temperature Gulf Stream Currents Caribbean Surface Weather Forecast Surface Analysis: Atlantic Caribbean Gulf of Mexico Surface Forecast: 24-hour 48-hour 72-hour Wind & Seas: … I tried to translate the official weather statements in more layman's terms. The Caribbean sees some rain in the summer but even that falls in a fairly predictable pattern keeping the islands lush and leafy. Caribbean Weather Overview. The Caribbean’s littlest islands follow a typically Caribbean weather pattern, with December to April the peak months (drier, cooler, less humid) – and September to October the most prolific for hurricanes, with rains starting in June. Historically, September is the worst month for tropical storms, the threat of hurricanes and total rainfall, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. Caribbean Weather in October. Caribbean Holiday Destinations: Thinking about travelling to Caribbean? The average temperature at the start of the month begins at 28.5°C (created by highs of 31°C and lows of 26°C) and gradually drops down to 28°C (highs of 31°C and lows of 25°) as the month develops. Information on the weather in October for cities and beach towns throughout the Caribbean has been pulled together here. Hurricane tracking maps, current sea temperatures, and more. The Caribbean consists of thousands of islands, reefs and cays, and though the temperature there remains relatively consistent year-round, the weather can change drastically between seasons. I was hoping if someone could tell me which Caribbean Island/s have the best weather at this time of year. per month. October November December. Caribbean Weather in November . Here’s the Caribbean Forecast. Average daily temperatures. If you’re spending days on the beach, the Caribbean Sea is perfect for swimming at 28°C. The broad tropical disturbance in the western Caribbean is slowly organizing. Weather in Caribbean in October 2020. The weather patterns differ slightly from island to island but one thing that remains consistent is that it never gets cold in the Caribbean. ... During the month of October, the weather in Puerto Plata is very nice with there not being much rainfall. A handful of destinations have lower risk of rain. The latest hurricane watches and warnings for the Atlantic Basin. Storms impacting the Caribbean are becoming increasingly more powerful, producing … Recommended for Trinidad & Tobago We are looking to get away for a holiday towards the end of this year - probably October, November or December. October is the second worst month of the year for Caribbean weather. Weather ; Things To Do; Travel Advice; What's The Weather Like in Search. Also, we are looking to go All Inclusive. A second destination in the Caribbean to consider for your October trip is Puerto Plata. 38 %. Oct 24: While we continue to keep an eye on the disturbance in the western Caribbean Sea and brace for a rainy weekend, Today In Florida Weather History … the region as a whole observes a tropical climate which varies slightly as you head further north or south, east or west. The monthly weather averages are the best indication of conditions in each month and are based on long-term (30 year) climate statistics. The October temperatures and rainfall given in the table below allow you to compare the climate for places on two dozen islands. 27° C. average. Generally, winds are light to moderate coming primarily from the east and averaging 7-16 knots with the risk for encountering gale force or higher winds are 1 percent or less. April May June. Sitting North of South America and South of North America (try that for a mouthful!) Read an overview of the climate. While there is a remote possibility of a hurricane, more likely than not the biggest issue you'll come across is rain. What's the Weather Like in St Lucia in October. The following year in October 1989, Trinidad was invaded by more locusts. January February March. In this section, you have access to the weather forecast for october for most popular cities in Trinidad and Tobago. Temperature. The warmest average water temperature Caribbean Sea in October is 29.4°C/84.9°F (in Kingston), and the coldest sea surface temperature is 28.3°C/82.9°F (in Panama City). In the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, however, water temperatures are near their warmest, while wind shear remains near its minimum. Weather in Trinidad and Tobago in october 2021. Temperature of water and air, precipitation, amount of days with rain and advice on the best time to visit Caribbean. Rain. Visitors in October may hope for better weather than September, which historically has the worst . In the southern regions of the Caribbean, the weather at this time of year is still very wet. October Typically Sees a Shift Closer to Home October is an excellent month to cruise the Caribbean Sea. Caribbean weather in October is really, really wet for western, eastern and southern cruises. The information on these pages is derived from weather statements provided by the National Weather Service, the National Hurricane Center, and others, and from hurricane correspondents in the Caribbean. The first of the famous ABC trio of islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao), it is one of the best Caribbean Islands to visit in October, and the reason for that is quite simple – it’s got the best weather. The October weather guide for Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago shows long term weather averages processed from data supplied by CRU (University of East Anglia), the Met Office & the Netherlands Meteorological Institute.Find out more about our data sources.. The winter months are dry and warm, the summer months are hot and humid and the in-between months are a bit of both. Summer and autumn are stickier, a … October weather also is the second worst month of the hurricane season with a historical average of three hurricanes. Olga and Pablo pose no threat to travel in the Caribbean. Travel guide and advices. Jamaica braces for flooding rains, and TTT Meteorologist Ean Wallace talks about a brewing disturbance. Potential tropical cyclone 26 has been designated in the Caribbean. WeatherCarib was born in 1998, with an emphasis on tropical weather links for the Caribbean and tropical Atlantic all the way to Africa. July August September. The Caribbean is a region lying in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea consisting of over 7000 islands. chance. But they might not get it. Temp. Consider visiting Aruba in the months of February, March, April, August, for the best beach weather.Also consider one of our other suggestions for October. October is a hot and dry time for sunbathing in Aruba.October is a good month for swimming in Aruba with warm sea temperatures. These predictions are statistics for october from weather reports for over 10 years. Temperatures across the Caribbean are warm and balmy in November, making it an ideal escape from the oncoming winter up north. Another thing that you will love about visiting Puerto Plata during this time are the deals. For states such as Florida, October … Caribbean Weather FAX Wind/Wave Charts Surface Charts High Wind Wave Charts High Seas Satellite Imagery. The weather in St Lucia during October stays very warm throughout the whole month with hardly any temperature changes at all. Western Caribbean an October Hot Spot Even though the climatological peak of the hurricane season – Sept. 10 – has passed, residents along the Gulf and East coasts need to … If you want a Caribbean vacation in October, opt for Barbados—its easternmost position makes it one of the least likely islands to experience a direct hit during hurricane season. These locust filled dust clouds originate in North Africa, near the Sahara desert and take 5-8 days to travel across the North Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean islands. For the latest on this Gulf Coast hurricane threat, please read our latest forecast. 29°C sea temperature; Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec. by Liz Osborn The percentage indicates the possibility of having the weather … Sun. Weather phenomena recorded in previous years in Caribbean ☃ Water Temperature in localities in Caribbean ☀ Weather forecast for Caribbean in October ☔. There has been a number of scientific studies that have shown conclusively that the dust carries additional hitch hikers such as fungi and bacteria.

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