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Inspect your iPhone thoroughly to see if there’s any damage. If you tried switching on your iPhone by pressing the power button, but it just won’t turn on, then it could be that the battery has been drained completely. #3 Force Restart. If your iPhone X won’t turn on, try to restore it from iTunes. The easiest way to deal with the situation is by using iMyFone Fixppo. If you want to get positive results in less time, then try dr.fone – Repair (iOS). Therefore, if your iPhone 5s won`t turn on then contact to Smart Fix. 3. Here we focus on simple methods provided in clear and understandable format. Now it won't turn on. How to Fix iPhone Won't Turn On after iOS 14/13 Update? It is especially useful to fix iPhone problems without factory reset your device. Troubleshooting your iPhone power issue.1. By following this guide, you would be able to fix iPhone won’t turn on issue like a pro. Having checked power you should also try restarting the device. Method 4: Take it to the Geeks. A hardware problem is preventing it from turning on. Another reason why your iPhone won’t turn on is because it has suffered from physical and water damage. Whenever my iPhone won't turn on, I always try Dr.Fone - System Repair, as the tool is known for its high success rate. Even a drop of water in the charging port could mean the iPhone won’t charge. "iPhone won't turn on" is one of the commonest problems that can happen on iPhone. Question: Q: iPhone storage is full. Unlike other iPhone problems like WiFi Not Working or Cannot Connect to App Store, iPhone Won't Turn On can be quite annoying since you can not use your iPhone completely. Case 2: "My iPhone X screen goes black randomly. So check both the cable and the power adapter. But, restoring your backup after wiping the iPhone will just bring the problematic settings back, so instead, you will wiping the iPhone/iPad and then restoring a repaired backup to the blank device. Restart. After all it is the first iPhone that got the dual rear camera system. This is responsible for dimming your iPhone’s screen when you place it very close to your face. Fix iPhone X/XS (Max) Won't Turn on without Data Loss. Let us focus and get rid of the iphone 6s not turning on issues in a more simple way. It causes your phone’s screen to stay dark or black regardless if the phone is on and not close to your face. In our research and findings, we have found multiple reasons and causes for why you may face this issue with your device, and a single fix does not seem to solve things. A malfunctioning proximity sensor may be the reason why your iPhone won’t turn on. Without wasting a lot of time we will come to your place and repair your iPhone issue. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is a reliable system repair tool, which can help you fix 150+ iPhone system issues like iPhone won’t turn on, iPhone is disabled, Apple logo, etc. Your iPhone 7 should work fine now. When your iPhone won't turn on, the first solutions you come up with are to charge and restart the device. It enables you to turn your iPhone back on in simple and easy steps. When iPhone 4 won’t turn on, and previous solutions doesn’t give any results, connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable that came with your device, and leave it for some period of time. So iPhone X won’t turn on, one scenario is that you’re not using the official charger to power up your iPhone X. Learn how you can fix the black screen won't turn on the iPhone 5S. It is fully compatible with all the popular iOS13 models, including iPhone X, iPhone XS (Max), and so on. Usually, after a couple of minutes, you will notice the charging screen. Solution No.3: Change the charging method. How to fix iPhone black screen of death?" Make sure the progress bar on your iPhone screen hasn't moved for at least one hour. So if your iPhone can't turn on, you could have either a software problem or a hardware issue. Case 1: "My iPhone 7 Plus screen goes black and won't turn on after it was dropped. Then went through your post and others' as well, then I guessed my battery should have gone dry. If the phone does turn on, plug it in and see if the charging indication comes on. There are two main reasons why your iPhone 6 won't turn on: Your iPhone's software has completely crashed. Let us now take a look at our last method which can be useful in fixing an iPhone 7 that won’t turn on or charge. How to Fix iPhone 7 Won’t Turn On. If not, there may be a power button or logic board issue. 3. Solution No.3: Check the cables and the connector. Fix: iPhone’s Dead ‘Won’t Turn On’ If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. At this point, we can't be certain which of these three reasons is causing your problem. iPhone won’t turn on After Update or Water Damage. There is a function that is called Force Restart. Smart Fix provides all the services at your doorstep. Finally, try plugging it into your computer with a USB cable. How to Fix iphone 6s won’t turn on On in Simple Methods. Basically, it is a function that allows users to completely restart their device, regardless of … Repair iOS System to Fix iPhone X Won't Turn On (Recommended) Most solutions will be ended with data loss, in order to fix the iPhone that won't turn on without resulting in data loss , you need UltFone iOS System Repair .This software puts the emphasis on repair various iOS problem, such as Apple logo , iPhone black screen , iPad won't update , and other iOS system issues, etc. This might actually be a bit tricky to figure out. It’s important that using the method will lose all data, pictures, and apps that haven’t been already backed up. iPhone Won’t Turn On – there can be other reasons. what to do if your iphone 7 won't turn on. Resetting Your iPhone Proximity Sensor. 4. Though the screen is black but the phone is on cause it still rings when somebody call. So that the user can easily get rid of the iphone 6s won’t turn on issue very well. That’s it! Plug Your iPhone to the Battery Charger. In such a situation, the iPhone will turn off abruptly and won't turn back on until it is plugged in a charger. The last thing why your device doesn't turn on is the hardware glitch. But no information on what to do once your phone has no more space and will not start up. If the iPhone still doesn’t turn on, it may have a dead battery or a bad charging port. Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) Fix with various iOS 12.3 system issues like recovery mode, white Apple, black screen, looping on start, etc. I tried to turn off but it did not respond. Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn On with AnyFix. If your iPhone remains dead, plug the phone in to ensure it’s not in need of a charge. This can be identified if any of the troubleshooting steps given in this article won't work out. Tried to put it on, no response again. So, in this guide, we will work on the troubleshooting method that will help the users to resolve the iPhone XR won't turn on after update issue. When iPhone 5c won’t turn on, the thing you should try is to connect it to a wall charger and leave it for about half an hour. Below are 3 methods that can help you when iPhone won't turn on after iOS 14/13 or other versions of software update. If it rings but nothing displays, your iPhone is okay, but you have to replace the screen. Replace the battery with a partially charged one and see if the phone will turn on. Plug in your iPhone to the charger. Then after a few seconds my iPhone went blank. Please, do not replace the screen by yourself. 5 Ways to Fix an iPhone That Won’t Turn On 1. Jerry Cook; Updated on 2020-04-21 to iPhone 7 Tips; The 2017 flagship handset by Apple, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, is one of the most favorite device among the users. My iPhone 5s got hung up for some time. Here are the reasons why a large number of users choose Fixppo: Without any technical knowledge, you would be able to make the most of this reliable application. See Also: How to Identify Fake iPhone Cable. Where ever you are, just call us and tell about your device issue. Press and release the Volume down button. If the progress bar hasn't moved for more than one hour, connect your device to a computer, then put your device into recovery mode with these steps: iPhone 8 and later: Press and release the Volume up button. There is a plethora of information on the internet on what to do when your storage is almost full. Press down on the Hold button (the single button at the top right or right hand side of your iPhone) for a few seconds. The application can fix every prominent iOS-related issue like iPhone XS (Max) won’t turn on, iPhone X black screen problem, and more. To check this, simply ask somebody to call your iPhone. Option 1. Make sure the connector of your iPhone 4., and the cables you have been using are not damaged.

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