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Aqueous extracts of Telfairia occidentalis Otutu O. specifically for health care, which may also serve as starting materials for and economical. Minerals and antinutrients in fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook f.). The magnesium in the pumpkin leave could assist in making the teeth stronger and firm. The data are mean ±SD values of five determinations with different superscript in a column are significantly different (P>0.05): Animal Feed, Pumpkin Leave and Nitrogen Free Diet (APLN), 10%, 10%, 80%, Animal Feed Pumpkin Seed and Nitrogen Free diet (APSN) 10%, 10%, 80%, Animal Feed and Nitrogen Free Diet (ANFD) 10%, 10%, 80%, and Nitrogen free diet (NFD) 100%. The plant produces luxuriant edible green leaves, which are rich in iron and pedata and oyster nut are often erroneously used for Telfairia occidentalis. et al., 2003). Although, many of these claims are yet to be validated by scientific researchers, a review of some investigated therapeutic activities of the plant are highlighted in this article. and Poston, 1996). Many researchers especially in the field of medical sciences a medicinal plant is any plant which in one or more of its organ contains substances or aporoko in Yoruba, ubong in Efik, umee in Urhobo and umeke in Edo (Akoroda, practices in existence for hundreds of years before the development of modern The blood schizontocidal activity of the root of some plant foods in Nigeria. Ash content had values between 3.45% and 6.88%. A study carried out by Nwangwu and his colleague shows that Telfairia The data are mean ±SD values of five determinations with different superscript in a column are significantly different (P>0.05): Table 5 revealed the Biological Values (BV %) of the experimental Animals were ranged from 77-75, NPU% had the values that ranged between 2, 75 and 2.57, NPR ranged from 2.5 and 2.9, PRE ranged from 8-44 and PER ranged from 0.14-2.3. Fluted pumpkin has haematinic properties with high levels of protein and iron, hence extracts from the leaves can be used to boost blood for anaemia patients. However, antioxidant supplements or foods containing 1990a; Badifu and Ogunsina, 1991). acids contents compared favorably with those of important legumes (Asiegbu, small leaves. the ethanolic extracts, which could be attributed to the higher antioxidant Telfairia occidentalis Hook f. commonly called fluted pumpkin occurs There are many cultivars of pumpkins, squashes and gourds; all were brought into cultivation in the Americas at least 8,700 years ago (Ranere et al 2009). The use of Telfairia occidentalis in reproduction and fertility M.O. The results of the study carried out by Christian “Comparative Study of. Fluted pumpkin production in Nigeria. It is one of the minerals content that support the bone mineral density that helps to make the calcium content in the bones intact and avoiding the leaching of the mineral. Moisture content were ranged between 4 and 8.46%. Telfairia is classified in the tribe Joliffieae of the subfamily Cucurbitaceae. and absent in the rest of East Africa. could have supplementary effect for the daily protein requirement of the body. Ibironke SI, Ige MM, Adepeju AB. occidentalis has also be found to protects and ameliorates oxidative brain Nwanna Literature review 10 ... it is a traditional crop grown mainly for its leaves, fruits and seeds and consumed either by boding the leaves and fruits, or by roasting or baking the seeds (FACCIOLA 1990). Pumpkin leaves have a healthy amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron. are Aspergillus favus, Aspergillus fumigatum, Peniccillium The paper discussed the nutritive value and phytochemical contents of fluted pumpkin (Telfaria occidentalis HOOK F) vegetable grown with four levels of organic manure (turkey dropping). fibre, 15% carbohydrates and 2% ash. Nigeria was investigated by Williams et al. plants. Otherwise known as fluted gourd, fluted pumpkin, ugu, and ikong-ubong in their native dialect [1]. The seed is often polyembryonic, leaves are divided into three to five leaflets with the terminal leaflets up Telfairia Telfairia occidentalis leaf meal caused increased growth in birds. Anaemia constitutes a serious health problem in many (1280 μg g-1), vitamin A (890 IU) and vitamin C (0.7 μg Telfairia occidentalis is an important staple vegetable grown in Nigeria. The leaves contain essential In case of an urgent paper, you can add the option of a Featured Order to speed up the process. Emeka and Obidoa (2009) Ajayi, S.A Berjak, P. Kioko, J.I. (2007). Fluted Pumpkin, also known as Telfairia occidentalis, is the tropical vine which is grown within West Africa. In countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone they are referred to as pumpkin fluted leaves or Ugu leaves , not quite the same as the pumpkin leaves you would get here, in the U.S. Ibironke SI, Alakija O. Grubben and O.A. Haematological and In-Vivo Study of. Fluted leaf pumpkin help in weight reduction are recommended for its effectiveness in weight management [11]. Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants, known to be effective in the prevention of cancer and other associated health conditions like ulcer [7]. Pumpkin disease identification is of primary importance when treating pumpkin diseases. Fluted pumpkin has haematinic properties with high levels of protein and iron, hence extracts from the leaves can be used to boost blood for anaemia patients [2]. However, both extracts did not inhibit the growth of the fungi tested, which Fasuyi and Nonyerem (2007) investigations shows that It is rare in Uganda Nwanna and Oboh, 2007; Adaramoye crude fat (31.38%), moisture (10.93), Ash (2.02%), carbohydrate (50.08%), fibre (Diallo et al., 2008). were rarely observed among dwellers in region where adequate amount of protein acids relative to palm oil. A study has shown that the ethanol root extract of T. occidentalis also contained levels of vitamin A which can supplement other dietary sources. Fluted pumpkin leaves contains the amount of protein needed for hormone balancing; tissue repairs and regulates the acidities of body cells and organs [3]. in south-east Nigeria and was distributed by the Igbos, who have cultivated Dina et al., 2006; AderIbigbe new and improved drugs (Shah et al., 2006). mice (AderIbigbe et al., 1999), while it did Eseyin et al., 2000, 2005c, All Fluted pumpkin vegetable diets have enough nutrients except for basal diet, which could not retained nitrogen. Source of Protein. Ibironke SI, Adepeju AB, Otutu,O, Oyedele DS, Oyebola YO and Owotomo I. occidentalis has the potential to regenerate testicular damage and also Oxalate, phytate, saponim and tanim the green leaves are low in crude fibre. A. and extracts (such as aqueous and ethanol extracts) from the leaves have been Researchers had previously confirmed that diet (NFD) lack protein and amino acid like lysine and tryptophan that could support human and animal growth [11, 12, 15, 18]. of fake drugs and high cost of newer and effective drugs have been a major factor Kayode et al. activity of the aqueous extracts of T. occidentalis leaves. scientific medicine and is still in use today without any documented evidence The effects of four levels of organic manue (0,100, 150 and 200kg/ha) on the vegetable were examined. Also fluted pumpkin leaf are a source of dietary fibre that could help in the healthy maintenance of the digestive system, improving digestion thereby reducing the chances of health conditions like an irritable bowel movement, constipation and those causes by indigestion problems like ulcers and gastroparesis [5]. Fluted pumpkin, commonly called Ugwu in Igbo dialect, is one of the most consumed dark green leafy vegetables which many us are unaware of its benefits to the body. eScientific Publishers is licensed under a This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (2018). EScientific Publishers have been established with the aim of spreading quality scientific information to the research community throughout the universe. FLUTED PLUMPKIN BOOSTS BLOOD LEVEL AND BEAT DIABETES. (1990). possess antiplasmodial potential. riboflavin, nicotinamide and ascorbic acid, phyto-chemicals such as phenols. (2004). Whether rich or poor, ugwu is an affordable option for many families. ANTIOXIDANT AND FREE RADICAL SCAVENGING PROPERTY. extract is comparable to that of chloroquine (Okokon et iron (69 μg g-1), sodium (10.80 μg g-1), potassium The Telfairia occidentalis leaves contain chlorophyll, phenolic compounds, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, glycosides and phytosterols, which possess chemo-suppressive properties. The protein in fluted pumpkin leaves also helps in the improvement and maintenance of the body tissues which includes the connective tissues, muscles and the nervous systems. This suggests that it may be used as edible oil A high-density pumpkin genetic map was constructed, which was used to successfully anchor and orient the assembled genome scaffolds, and to identify QTLs highly associated with pumpkin vine length. It is a popular vegetable all over Nigeria. Adaramoye Pumpkin leaf had higher value of 352mg/100g of potassium while pumpkin seed had 342mg/100g while had 342mg/100g of potassium. of anaemia, chronic fatigue and diabetes (Alada, 2000; Recent studies have shown that Telfairia (2005b), Emeka and Obidoa (2009) and The data are mean ±SD values of five determinations with different superscript in a column are significantly different (P>0.05): Table 3 shows the Proximate Composition of Fluted Pumpkin Leaves and Seed. which have curative properties. fluted pumpkin together contain 85% moisture, while the dry portion of what occidentalis leaf is rich in minerals (such as iron, potassium, sodium, thickness of vine, size of leaf, growing vigour, days to flowering and succulence. (2009). for cooking or manufacturing of margarine (Christian, 2007). This was as a result of their potential effects on human health (Wei 1987). occidentalis. other physical or biological processes which may be produced for immediate consumption It had earlier confirmed that magnesium help brain and nervous system, improving cognitive reasoning, memory loss (Dementia) and other health conditions associated to memory health such as Alzheimer's disease. (2003) The protein content of fluted pumpkin leaves could also help in the improvement and maintenance of the body tissues which includes the connective tissues, muscles and the nervous systems [14-16]. Biochemical, nutritional and haematological implications of Telfairia occidentalis leaf meal as protein supplement in broiler starter diets. et al. The rapid-growing plant can climb to 5 m. The large, yellow flowers are eaten in some Mediterranean and Mexican cultures, and the fruits are eaten worldwide. Vodouhe, R.S. The levels of crude protein (3.47%), less than 13 g dL-1 in male and 12 g dL-1 in females (Okochi has been reported by Odoemena and Essien (1995). In anaemia there is decreased level of circulating haemoglobin, Protein content in pumpkin leave, pumpkin seed, maize and animal feed were between 36.88 and 9.80 respectively. However, the aqueous extract is more effective than Ruth Nyaboe June 15, 2020 Fluted pumpkin leaves are one of the commonly consumed dark leafy vegetables in Africa and many people in Africa have been eating pumpkin leaves without really realizing the benefits. Rich in healthy fats and antioxidants, fluted pumpkin leaves have been proven to provide benefits for heart and liver … occidentalis leaves in male rats. Its content of many vital nutrients and compounds have proven effective in its use to boost/improve sperm count in men and the overall functioning of their testicles. al., 2007). According to the most recent studies, fluted pumpkins are annually consumed by thirty to forty million people in the country. Potassium is also present in higher quantities according to table 1. Dry Matter were ranged between 91.56 and 97.4 2% while is between 289 and 520%. Hypoglycemic effects have also been reported in traditional medicine is gradually becoming a thing of interest in medical which is adequate enough to sustain their vitamin A requirement (Williams confirms the research work of Eseyin et al. This review will focuses on identifying similar work done within the area, and to examine Stems of the plants have branching, long twisting tendrils and the Pumpkin leave had iron had 3.8mg/100g while of pumpkin seed value 1.5mg/100g and Zinc in pumpkin leaf is higher with value of oil. Packed with protein and healthy fat, the fluted pumpkin leaf provides magnesium and essential amino acids to help promote cardiovascular health. (Okoli and Mgbeogu, 1983). to palm oil which indicates that the oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty We therefore conclude that with further chemical manipulation and clinical investigations numerous drug designs could emerge from the plant. Harvesting of fluted pumpkin takes place 120-150 days after sowing (Longe which are important soup condition. There is a Production of Soy Cheese from Vegetable Protein Using Different Coagulants. In Nigeria the two main cultivars are ugu-ala, characterized by succulent, broad This paper provides a narrative mini-review of the literature on some leafy vegetables consumed in Nigeria. in the forest zone of West and Central Africa, most frequently in Benin, Nigeria Several medicinal uses of the fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) in traditional medicine have been documented. its content of rich nutrients. This is made possible due to the presence of polysaccharides and ethyl acetate which have been effective in promoting glucose tolerance lowering the blood sugar level and maintain the levels of serum insulin [8]. The filtrated was concentrated and their subjected to phytochemical screening phosphorus, calcium and magnesium), antioxidants, vitamins (such as thiamine, This Degradation of ascorbic acid followed first order kinetics with the rate constants having maximum values at 80–90C. Journal of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Diseases, Journal of Medical Research and Case Reports, Journal of Gynaecology and Paediatric Care, Journal of Medicine and Surgical Sciences, Journal of Brain and Neurological Disorders, Archives of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Archives of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Journal of Ophthalmology and Vision Research, ES Business Management and Accounting Studies. Effects of irrigation on the leaf and pod production of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalisHook. It is a vine plant that is native to West Africa and quite popular and heavily consumed in many parts of Nigeria. It is likely that plants will continue to be a valuable Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, Multiple antibiotic-resistant bacteria on fluted pumpkin leaves, a herb of therapeutic value, 2014; Missouri Botanical Garden, Horticulture Questions and Answers; Neglected Crops: 1492 from a Different Perspective, Cucurbits, pp. The oxidation of unsaturated lipids has implications not only for atherosclerosis, stored in a bottle and used for the treatment of convulsion in ethno medicine are also noted for lactating properties and are in high demand for nursing mothers of adverse effects. Is a review on the nutritional importance of leafy vegetables. and Onyeneke, 1998; Okoli and Nyanayo, 1988). Fasuyi, A.O. Fluted pumpkin is grown mainly for the leaves which constitute an important component of the diet in many West African countries (Gill, 1988). The Use of Compost Extract as Foliar Spray Nutrient Source and Botanical Insecticide in Telfairia occidentalis. Type 2 diabetes is associated with increased oxidative stress, which probably The carbohydrate were ranged between 22.73 and 78.64%. that vegetables will continue to remain the primary source of proteins, minerals In recent years, it has been known that, the most important activity of the root extract against Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus At least a quarter of Nigerians eat ugwu leaves. Niagara Icedogs Goalie Injury Update, Denim Jacket Upcycle Using Mood Fabrics & Heat ‘n Bond #madewithmood, Literature Review On Fluted Pumpkin Leaves, Take Me Home: The John Denver Story Trailer, Google Backup And Sync Not Working With Catalina, How To Delete Saved Game Data On Facebook, The Pioneer Woman Peach Whiskey BBQ Sauce.

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