Plantspace is here to support those who are interested in or currently following a vegan diet. It is designed to be a community where you can share experiences, challenges, ask questions and connect with others and learn from others. In addition, Plantspace strives to be a thorough resource for credibly documented information in the realm of nutritional research and the environmental and ethical effects of animal agriculture. Plantspace is built as a three-fold side meant to enrich connection with The Forum, personal growth with The Diet Lab, and knowledge with The Research.

The Forum is meant to be a judgement free zone where the goal is not to sugar coat issues or brush off concerns but to openly address and fully solve them. 

The Diet Lab serves as a way to look your diet in the mirror and see how many processed foods you are eating and how they make you feel.

The Research wing of Plantspace is an ongoing project to compile authentic literature and in some cases illustrate landmark studies so they are easily digestible for all.

Plantspace is not here to make money or profit in any way. If you would like to support Plantspace by helping cover our costs, then click here.

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