How Much Energy Do You Need?

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See What You Really Eat Day-By-Day

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Learn About Nutrient Content

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Interactive Food Journal


By tracking the basics of what you eat and how you feel the journal can notify you when the two are connected and you can make observations that may have not been obvious otherwise. The journal can give you a sense of how often you are eating processed foods without focusing on calories or specific measurements.

Most people don’t know how many calories they need and how to eat in that range. One shouldn’t obsess over calories, but when transition to a whole food diet the increased level of fiber can trick people into eating less than they need to. This is great for weight loss but bad for curbing processed food cravings and sticking with a whole food diet in the long term.

Cronometer for Nutrients

Cronometer is a free website that allows you to input foods and see their caloric and nutrient content. It is an easy way to gain an intuition for the calorie density of many foods and the results may surprise you. We receive nothing for linking this, it’s just a great resource.