Animal Benefits

We raise and slaughter 70 billion land animals and kill approximately 80 billion aquatic animals by fishing each year. Giving up animals products not only cuts off your contribution to that death, but also to the daily suffering that comes with being an animal in the livestock industry – whether that is laying 250 eggs a year, sitting in a cramped cell, or being repeatedly impregnated.

Animal Diet Myths

Myth 1: As many animals die through plant farming as animal farming so it is pointless to stop eating animals.

Answer: Below is the amount of animals deaths per one million calories of various foods including those during harvesting, making it clear that plant foods cause the least amount of harm.

Myth 2: The same number of animals will continue to be slaughtered even if you stop eating them.

Answer: While the market supply does not immediately respond to a single individual, the net effect of people halting animal product consumption drives market change. The almond milk market has cut into 5% of the total milk market, showing the power plant-based products have to change the industry. Furthermore, this appeal to futility can be used as a justification to continue purchasing any unethical product.

Myth 3: Animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely.

Answer: As tightly as people grasp to the idea of humane slaughter, it remains an oxymoron. Animals do not want to die and can not give consent to be killed. No matter how fully they are pampered during their life, killing them for food is still wrong, especially when you consider that the largest organization of dieticians in the world says we don’t need to eat animal products and there is also a host of health benefits that can be gained by not eating them.