Vegan Health

Vegans reported having higher blood levels of protein than omnivores.

  • “Plasma albumin was significantly higher (P < 0.05) in vegans than the nonvegetarians studied; mean (SD) plasma albumin of the vegans was 49.3 (2.9) g/l and that of the nonvegetarians was 46.9 (3.8) g/l"

Vegans have the arteries of marathon runners.

  • Artery build up as defined by intima media thickness: Omnivores: (0.74), Marathon Runners: (0.63) Vegans (0.56).

A whole food vegan diet has been shown to unclog arteries significantly in 3.5 weeks.

  • Those with advanced cardiovascular disease who stuck with their whole food vegan diet had 100x less adverse events (heart disease, stroke, etc.) than those who abandoned their diet.

Vegans populations have 26% lower heart disease rates than meat eaters.

Vegans were observed having 78% lower incidence of all diabetes than omnivores.

Blood sugar in diabetics put on a vegan diet lowered by 28%.

Vegans had 75% lower high blood pressure risk.

Vegans average in the normal BMI range unlike Western omnivores.

Obese patients lost 1 lb per week on a vegan diet without caloric restriction.

Vegans have lower inflammation levels and those put on a vegan diet lowered inflammation markers by 1/3.

  • “The average C Reactive Protein level was 5.29 ± 11.7 at baseline and 3.56 ± 8.0 mg/dL post intervention.”

Vegans were observed having 15% lower mortality rates than omnivores.

Vegans were observed having 16% lower cancer rates than omnivores.

Vegans were observed having 29% lower female cancer rates.

Vegans have lower levels of IGF-1 which fuels every stage of cancer growth.

“Vegans had 13% higher Testosterone concentration than meat-eaters and 8% higher than vegetarians.”

Vegans were observed having 10% lower hypothyroidism than omnivores and 20% lower than vegetarians.

Vegans had 40-46% lower health-related work impairments.

88% of those put on a vegan diet reported improvement in their migraines.

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