Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CAD) includes heart disease and stroke. In an age where CAD treatment means surgery and medication, a whole food vegan diet offers a unique and proven solution. It has been shown to literally unclog arteries, making it as valuable as a billion dollar drug but entirely unprofitable for commercial industries. Below are the highlights from Dr. Esselsytn’s landmark clinical trial.

Study: A Way To Reverse Cardiovascular Disease?

Dr. Esselstyn put 198 patients with advanced cardiovascular disease on a whole food vegan diet. When 21 patients dropped out and stopped the diet, it created a control group to compare to. Below is the rate of adverse events including heart attack and stroke over the next 12 years for each group.

No Diet Change

21 People

62% Heart Attack, Stroke, Etc.

Whole Food Vegan Diet

177 People

0.6% Heart Attack, Stroke, Etc

A cross section of an artery before and after just 3 weeks on a whole food vegan diet showing blood flow restoring to previously blocked areas.

An angiogram of a heart artery before and after going on a whole food plant based diet for 2.5 years.

Primary Author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

Journal: The Journal of Family Practice, 2014

Full Access Link: